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Blue Fever is a streaming platform for the best video content focused on women. We find joy and pride in curating the best content and CREATORS to build a home for all of us – where we can finally be seen and heard. Blue Fever sends you videos for whatever you’re going through in your life! Wanna laugh, cry, or just get over that guy? We are THE new video service for young women that acts like a best friend and sends you the best videos for YOU via text message. Blue Fever is FREE - Sign Up at WWW.TEXTBF.COM. 

We're Gonna be your BfF


Having a day? We get it. Let Blue Fever text you videos that will make you laugh, cry and be your best self. We'll help you through the day with our curated videos just for you. Slay the day with your BFF in your pocket.  💙🔥

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