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BLUE FEVER is the most obvious digital streaming opportunity of our time!

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Blue Fever is a streaming platform for the best video content focused on women. We find joy and pride in curating the best content and CREATORS to build a home for all of us – where we can finally be seen and heard. 

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Blue Fever Creators. Photo by Samantha Zachrich.

Word on the street from our fans

"We need more content by female creators, more support for female content, and we need to know where to find it. BLUE FEVER does just that." Alana M.
“When I think about BLUE FEVER it is really a feeling of comfort and excitement and pride, but those are just three words and you guys deserve so much more.” Olivia O.

"This is so awesome! I'm 19... I just find the concept of helping women in film so amazing and there should be many more people like you guys!” Crystal R.


“I believe Blue Fever is going to be an incredibly important force for good... Everyone deserves to be raised up, everyone should get their own hero shot.” – Rose McGowan
"Blue Fever is actually doing something. I've been a part of other organizations [for women] that are all talk... and I think this company is actually taking action and attacking the business side of the industry." Kristine Gerolaga, Actor/Director
"I absolutely love everything Blue Fever stands for. This is a space and community regardless of your race, religion, sexual orientation where we can create… It’s real content for real women." – Charisse Christine, Social Influencer
Charisse Christine, Social Influencer

Charisse Christine, Social Influencer


"We are excited to announce that BLUE FEVER is one of the ten companies that will be joining the Techstars Los Angeles Accelerator for the 2017 program, which kicks off on July 17 and concludes with Demo Day on October 10. BLUE FEVER is a futuristic Netflix for millennial women focused on mood curation and community. The platform connects millions of fans with the best entertainment they haven’t seen yet – and the creators who make it." – Anna Barber, Techstars Los Angeles
“It’s about time someone addresses the unmistakable gender gap in entertainment. Women watch more, spend more and influence more. The data is there…. I’m looking forward to watching a data-driven network for me.” – Jesse Draper, Founder and Host of The Valley Girl Show
“BLUE FEVER is the most obvious digital streaming opportunity of our time!” – Ben Kim, Former Director of Content Acquisition at Hulu
"I'm really excited about Blue Fever because it's a place where our unique voices can finally be heard and taking risks is celebrated and there is a community that's really hungry for this kind of content and these kinds of stories. It's really important." – Helenna Santos founder of Ms. in The Biz
Jesse Draper, Founder and Host of The Valley Girl Show

Jesse Draper, Founder and Host of The Valley Girl Show


“The company set their sights on leveling the entertainment landscape by partnering with the best emerging and established creators of entertainment content made for young women.” – Huffington Post

"Female actors, producers, filmmakers, and more are still not given the same opportunities as males in the film industry. That’s why Tracy and McAnany created a platform where females in the movie business can share their creations and collaborate with each other without any setbacks. BLUE FEVER is a ground breaking platform that’s all women, all the time." Resource Magazine

“Young women all over the world deserve to be entertained by work that will inspire them, motivate them and let them experience themselves in all their complexities- good, bad and everything in between. Blue Fever is that space for women to obsess over relatable narratives they know to be undeniably true.” – Liner Magazine

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