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By Julie Lake + Shirin Najafi

Everybody can be a little mental sometimes. This series, created by and starring Orange Is The New Black's Julie Lake and Shirin Najafi, explores the lives of two friends and their mental health problems, while also being LOL-level funny — and super relatable to any of us who have ever gotten “Zoloft brain.” In today's world we all are struggling to keep up our mental health- so let out a big sigh, prepare to laugh and watch Mental.



Episode 1 - Palm Springs

You sure you don't want that Xanax?

Episode 2 - Zoloft Brain

I like, really need toilet paper

Episode 3 - Dr. Bleiffer Is On Maternity Leave

Gimme the drugs.

Episode 4 - Electrical Storm

And you thought your fights over movie night were bad

Finale Pt. 1 - The Pregame

Social anxiety doesn't seem so bad when...

Finale Pt. 2 - The Party

We all have that one friend we never get to see. Sometimes that’s for the best.

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