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Part 1


dark comedy, eating disorder, relationships, series



Angela Gulner + Yuri Baranovsky

In BINGE, created by Angela Gulner and Yuri Baranovsky, our protagonist Angela is a pretty big mess. She drinks too much. She acts impulsively. And she's bulimic. But hey — she can make a mean cake. This dark comedy takes a look at what it’s really like to have an eating disorder, in all its gory detail, while holding on to a sarcastic humor that reminds us to find comedy even in our worst moments. BINGE is being developed into a series and is currently crowdfunding, so there is more Angela to come!



Part 1

Some mornings are better than others. Some are a whole lot worse.

All my legal advice comes from Law and Order reruns too.

Part 3

If you have to leave a party, always take the cake with you.

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