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Café Exposé

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Café Exposé

By Steven Krimmel, Kristine Gerolaga, James Lontayo + Alex Wroten

Check out Blue Fever creator Kristine Gerolaga's “Café Exposé” if you’re as podcast-obsessed as the rest of us and have ever been curious to meet the people behind the voices. We’ll never listen to podcasts the same way again.



Episode 1 - That Voice

Where is she from?! Do you judge women by their voices?

Episode 2 - Blowhole

Having "Mitch" on any podcast would put 'Serial' to shame :/

Episode 3 - Frands

Do you have fans, frans, frands or friends? We don't know either.

Episode 4 - K-Stew

Who is your celebrity crush? Rocky will find 'em.

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