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F to 7th

comedy, dry humor, pondering my queerness, series


F to 7th

By Ingrid Jungermann

Director Ingrid Jungermann created this comedic web series about an old-fashioned, slightly homophobic lesbian who grapples with the newer ways of understanding gender and sexuality. Sounds funny, doesn't it? #lol Jungermann herself cracks us up with her dry humor and leads this popular series which also features noteable guest stars in every episode!



Episode 01 - Off-Leash Hours

Casual day at the dog park with Michael Showalter.

Episode 02 - Tweener

Not Butch? Not Femme? I guess you’re a Tweener!

Episode 03 - Interchangeable

Ugh, tfw you both want to wear the strap-on!!

Episode 04 - Family

Amy Sedaris absolutely knocked us out in this one! She deserves all of the awards for this.

Episode 05 - Straight Talk

Transparent’s Gabby Hoffmann kills it in this one!

Episode 06 - Gyno

Gettin cozy in the Gyno’s office lol ;P

Episode 07 - Gowanus

You never want to be the most homonormative person at the party!

Episode 08 - Intersex

Would you have sex with yourself?!?

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