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Episode 1 - At Lunch

Girls Are Assholes

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Girls Are Assholes

By Hunter Walk + Yael Zinkow

Hunter Wolk (writer/director) and Yael Zinkow (writer) have finally given us hard proof that girls are most def a**holes in any and all the ways. Their hyperbolic sketch comedy mini web series is LOL-worthy. We dare you to look us in the eye and say you can’t relate.



Episode 1 - At Lunch

I’ll have what she’s having.

Episode 2 - At A Bar

OMG it’s like sooo cute how much attention he pays me ;)

Episode 3 - Ladies Night

Ladies let’s answer the important questions . . . like which Sex in the City character are you?!

Episode 4 - In A Car

Parallel parking is a b*tch!

Episode 5 - In Danger!

A little lint never killed nobody.

Episode 6 - The Showdown

Put on your best yoga pants -- it’s time for a showdown.

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