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Episode 1 - A Couple of Fuck Ups

Nasty Habits • Season 1

anthology, drama, its complicated, relationships, series


Nasty Habits • SEASON 1

By Christina De Leon

We all have a nasty habit we can’t kick. Christina De Leon wrote/directed this mini series which examines bad habits (that we try to keep a secret) through a different pair of relationships in each episode. The conversations that result from each set’s bond are bracingly honest and not without surprises. We are in LOVE with this piece and how well it captures real life and all of the sh*t that we go through.



Episode 1 - A Couple of Fuck Ups

These girls support each other in their own way. We all have relationships like that.

Episode 2 - Wasted Heart

"Horrible people don't realize they're horrible until they leave their hometowns." Love that line.

Episode 3 - Loose Change

This odd couple's really got us thinking...Guilt is a nasty habit.

Episode 4 - Something Blue

The heart wants what the heart wants. But the brain won't do what the the brain doesn't want to do.

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