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Episode 1 - The Smallest Fuck Up

Nasty Habits • Season 2

anthology, drama, relationships, series


Nasty Habits • Season 2

A Blue Fever Exclusive By Christina de Leon

We all have a nasty habit we can’t kick. Christina De Leon wrote/directed this series which examines bad habits (that we try to keep a secret) through a different pair of relationships in each episode. The conversations that result from each set’s bond are bracingly honest and not without surprises. We completely LOVED season one, and now we get to have our minds blown by season two!! Oh and it's ONLY on Blue Fever.



Episode 1 - The Smallest Fuck Up

Growing up means making mistakes- but that's why we have sisters. They remind us fuck ups can be hereditary and Chinese food can cure anything.

Episode 2 - Dig

Mom's best advice: Turn your mistakes into little treasures they've made you who you are. Put them in the ground and move forward.

Episode 3 - Misty, It's Friday Night

You grow up and your friends don't- or rather can't do the same. Looks like #bff just lost an f.

Episode 4 - Something Borrowed

When that fantasy champagne bubble pops and reality sets in... the (expectation) hangover is a bitch.

Episode 5 - Gank City

World of Warcraft is the new Bumble BFF.

Episode 6 - Rookie

Smoking is a pretty bad habit. But kidnapping miiiiight be worse.

Episode 7 - Somebody's Mom

Running into a blast from the past at the right time, right place is sometimes exactly what we need to move on.

Episode 8 - Penny Doesn't Do Coke

Coming back to your home town is coming to terms with yourself.

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