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Period Piece

comedy, historical, menstruation, series


Period Piece

By Liliana Tandon

This cute and funny series is about women throughout different periods of history being on their periods! #Clever. Modern women have many ways of coping with “that time of the month,” but what was is like for our sisters of yesteryear?



Episode 1 - Victorian England

All bets are off when Aunt Flow comes a knockin’.

Episode 2 - Colonial America

NEVER underestimate the power of a pussy.

Episode 3 - Buddhism

Menstruation vs. Meditation!!

Episode 4 - Biblical Times

Tfw your boyfriend can turn water to wine.

Episode 5 - Today

The five stages of just give me what I want...

Episode 6 - 1920s Brooklyn

Oh the joy of purchasing menstruation products!!

Episode 7 - 18th Century France

These perfumes probably smell better than most colognes!!!

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