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Episode 1

That's My DJ

drama, electronica, finding yourself, series


That's My DJ

By D.W. Waterson

This award-winning web series, created by boss lady writer/director D. W. Waterson, follows an up-and-coming DJ as he tries to break into the EDM scene. As our young DJ creates a name for himself, he learns to combat heartbreak and defy his own expectations through his music.



Episode 1

The man behind the mixes.

Episode 2

“I got Netflix and I’ve been very busy.” Excuses, excuses.

Episode 3

You’re not a legit DJ until you make your own DJ helmet.

Episode 4


Episode 5

Integrate back into society? Eh, we’ll pass.

Episode 6

Can we hire DEADPIXEL for our next party?!

Episode 7

Wait, how did Simon end up in bed with two lesbians? :O

Episode 8

“F*** people who just want to take something from you.” BFFs FTW.

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