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Tiny Feminists

activism, comedy, kids, series


Tiny Feminists

by Yulin Kuang

Created and directed by Yulin Kuang, written by Rachel Kiley, and produced by Tiffany L. Gray, this mini web series gives feminism a fresh new perspective: three elementary school girls. Can the self-proclaimed Tiny Feminists really change the world? When girls encourage other girls, anything is possible. This series proves you’re never too young to dismantle the patriarchy!



Episode 1 - JULIETTE

If Wes Anderson were a woman and made a webseries, this would be it.

Episode 2 - YASMINE

"The Goddamn Patriarchy." Let's play that shit.

Episode 3 - LINDA

Linda's bun tho. Also, bonus points for spotting Anna Akana!

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