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Whatever, Linda

drama, money, power, series


Whatever, Linda

by Hannah Cheesman, Julian DeZotti + Matt Eastman

The year? 1978. The city? New York. The woman? Linda. Created and written by Hannah Cheesman and Julian De Zotti, this web series drew inspiration from the real-life Bernie Madoff scandal for its Ponzi scheme plotline. Director Matt Eastman’s take positions a broke female divorcee as the empowered feminist determined to make millions.



Episode 1 - A Paper Pusher in a Skirt

A girl's gotta survive in the city. Linda just does what some wish they had the ladyballs to do.

Episode 2 - Where Files Go To Die

Get money. Get paid.

Episode 3 - The Worm

Did you know that Whatever, Linda is being made into a full-length series in Canada?!

Episode 4 - Let Him Burn!

Manipulation is a girl's best friend.

Episode 5 - No Boys Allowed

Money = power. Power = happiness???

Episode 6 - Oh Henry

Romance is a brewin'! But someone is jealous.

Episode 7 - Tis But a Scratch

"Whatever, Linda." Hahaha. Best scene ever.

Episode 8 - Holy Mother Mary

Third string friend Annabelle, to the rescue!

Episode 9 - The Inch

Just a normal spring cleaning, huh? 

Episode 10 - The Grand Clam Match

I don't think she wants to help you cure your "itch," Bro.

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